5 Simple Tricks to Teach Your Dog

When training your dog to perform tricks you need to have lots of treats to carry the treats to the dog. Make sure you are ready and have your treats before beginning.

1. SitThe first trick to teach your dog is to sit. This is an easy trick to teach dogs because they naturally sit when they rest. Think of your dog as a sitting plant. Each day when your dog is sitting and he doesn’t do anything, give him a treat. He’ll rest naturally and you can repeat this step a million times. Your dog should be sitting before you move on to the next trick. If your dog isn’t sitting, start over and try to help him.

2. Shake HandsTake the dog’s front paw and gently shake it. Then repeat the command of “shake” while rubbing his other “paw”. Most dogs can learn this trick in 5 to 10 minutes.

3. interactswisheed at least 10 minutes and repeat the process 3 more times. If your dog is responding well, give him a treat and some verbal praise.

4. teachespeekat at least 15 minutes and repeat the process about 3 more times. If your dog isn’t responding, you’ll need to spend more time training next time.

5. addservice at least 30 minutes and repeat the process about 3 more times. If your dog is responding, give him a treat and some verbal praise.

4. bandsignify every time you give the command, and repeat the process about 3 more times. If your dog isn’t responding, you’ll need to spend more time training next time.

3. Keep busy!There are many activities that can keep a dog busy. One example is playing hide and seek with your dog. Let him smell a treat and while he is eating it, hide it in his bedding. Then call him and let him find it. You can do this indoors or outdoors.

Whenever your dog can’t find their treats, give them a call and reward them with a treat each time they find it. Be sure to praise them when they find it. If you want them to remember for the future, every time they hear the command, they get a treat.

2. Easy as 1To help them understand the process, it is always good to break the task down into little pieces. Anytime you can explain step by step what you want them to do, it will help them learn.

For example, when you want them to sit, you need to repeat the word several times. You might click the clicker and say “sit”, while moving your hand with a treat behind your back. You’d be surprised to learn that your dog really does understand the word you’re using, even though he probably said it numerous times without knowing the reason behind it.

3. PatientAs your dog learns a new command, remember to keep it positive and reward them for good behavior. Don’t punish your dog for not doing anything. Don’t yell, hit or even especially move to discipline your dog for not doing what you want.

4. Spend Some Time With Your DogA helpful tip to quickly teach your dog new tricks or commands is to spend some time with your dog to strengthen the relationship between the two of you. This isn’t always possible every day, but over the course of a few weeks you should be able to master a number of commands with your dog.

5. Take Time to Play

You’ve trained your dog to sit. Now you want to take time to play with your dog. Five or ten minutes of playing with a favorite game or toy should give your dog ample time to learn. For example, you might want to play fetch with your dog or toss a ball to him in order to learn how to bring that ball back to you. Don’t worry, your dog doesn’t have to learn how to play for more than a few minutes. At the end of the training, you’ll be glad that you played with your dog so much!

These are only a few of the key tips. There are more techniques that can help you train your dog. These are some helpful tips, but remember to do your research. Learn what your dog’s actual breed needs and then how to address those needs. It’s really important to spend some time with your dog and learn what you can do to provide an enjoyable life for you both.

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