Get Rid of Belly Fat – Let’s Get Started!

For most people, their introduction to exercise might be a very long and difficult process. Information may be found telling that to successfully lose weight is through cardiovascular exercises; or that in order to increase the percentage of body fat you must exercise regularly.

Cardiovascular exercises are certainly not the only reference to lose fat. Strength training, a broad term that encompasses all physical activities, is an indispensable aspect of losing weight. It is simply the only way to build muscle, and the more muscle mass we have, the more calories our bodies burn at rest, as well as during physical activities.

Primos 35 trail camera Weight loss becomes more difficult, as well as more complicated, when cardiovascular exercises are compared to strength training.

Strength training is a distinctive kind of exercise, having only one Thought implies a particular focus on a specific set of muscles. To burn fat, as opposed to lose weight, should be the primary objective. Large muscles such as the thighs and the back muscles consume plenty of calories to maintain themselves. Therefore the extra fat in these areas will be the last to disappear, and will probably require a great deal of physical effort. Weight and strength training work in direct opposition to each other, although they do have a similar goal. Weight loss is entirely problematical, while weight loss and strength training will solve the problem of excess fat.

Moreover, combined weight and strength training will have the extra advantage of boosting your metabolic rate. The ideal body weight is dependent on the number of calories you burn every day. Normally, the more physical activity you engage in, the more calories you burn.

Losing fat becomes much easier as a result of the combination of physical inactivity and increased metabolism. Start slowly when building up your strength, and then steadily increase with regular practice. Maintaining a perfect balance between the two aspects of exercise is critical to decrease weight at a measured rate, and build muscle at the same time.

This is not to say, however, that there are not health risks associated with muscle tissue. In fact there are, as long as the muscles are not allowed to atrophy, they can be the basis of a healthy body.

There are several boundaries that a healthy individual must strive to maintain, and most often these boundaries are physically evident. Having a vision of the future may be helpful in setting physical boundaries, internal or external.

The internet is a rich source of different pictures, videos, and other information on training for weight loss. All that is needed is to search the appropriate weight loss exercise, and add it to your weekly schedule. Always be careful, however, and consider using your common sense when performing exercises. The most common mistake is to perform an exercise with the expectation that it will result in quick weight loss. No exercise will produce large weight loss instantly; normally it will take several weeks, and requires a serious amount of effort.

All forms of physical activity, both cardiovascular and strength training, are important. On a general level, however the exercises addressed in this article are those most likely to produce maximum weight loss in the shortest time.

Begin slowly, and increase intensity slowly. Don’t jump the gun, and begin with exercises that are likely to result in rapid loss of body fat.

If you have had a poor diet for a number of weeks or months, it may be necessary to use a combination of cardiovascular trainings and strength training. Here is the difference betweenand strength training. Cardiovascular exercise is a low intensity exercise.

Primos hunting trail cameras Record the weights you use for each exercise. Cardiovascular exercises are activities such as walking, swimming and dancing. Strength training is a high intensity, typically lifting weights to a high degree of effort, but in the real sense it is any exercise that requires your heart and respiratory muscles to work in an exertion of greater than 15-40 times your body’s gravity. In practice, this means a jog, bicycle ride, or using the weight machine while keeping the other muscles in your body in their normal motion.

Have your doctor check your thyroid or metabolic function. Sometimes, despite all the dieting and cardiADS, you will find that your thyroid capacity is obviously not working as well as it should. In this case regular exercise and hyperthyroidism may be required, and it is important to get your doctor’s blessing before you embark on a new exercise program.

Primos quickshot trail camera manual For fast weight loss, once your exercise routine has been established in a few weeks you can start to increase the intensity of your exercise. Studies indicate that exercise, particularly building muscle, may cause our body to burn calories at a slightly faster rate, leading to longer lasting total weight loss. It has been reported that for each pound of muscle you build, your body burns 15-30 extra calories a day. Therefore, if you exercise, even a moderate one, you will burn off more calories than you consume in food.


How to Shed Unwanted Weight

Are you having a bad day? Maybe you should lose some weight for the Whenevernoon. Do you have problems in your personal life? Are you facing some issue that causes you to be stressed out? Maybe you want to get back the time you invest in your sex life. Maybe you want to bring back your self-esteem.

If you are in aTest condition then you may not be able to exercise at your capacity, and you may be at great risk if you are overweight. Maybe you have physical limitations that will limit you. You need to learn how to say you are not depressed and also important remember that there are many things you can do to get the weight off.

The best weight control ideas include a sensible commitment to lifestyle changes rather than the promises of miracle diets. A lifestyle commitment means to able to eat a well-balanced diet, to follow regular physical activity, and to become active in your daily life.

Holding to sensible weight loss goals means avoiding any drastic changes to your diet or physical activity levels. As an example, you should avoid creating the common mistake of crash dieting, or completely eliminating any particular food group from your diet, as doing so could be dangerous to your health in the long run. A sensible weight control success means choosing a diet and exercise combination that will benefit your body overall.

In addition, this success also means that you do not have to spend your money on those programs which push supplements, packaged foods, or other means of weight control that are being promoted on TV or other media. Your sensible weight control success success means choosing a weight control program wherein you do not need to spend a great amount of money in supplements or prepackaged foods. Instead, it means eating a healthy, balanced, and well-apportioned diet that is low in calorie content, low in fat, and high in nutrients.

The foundation of your well-being is the condition of your mind. You have the power to choose a success approach that will allow you to feel more energetic, experience a higher self-esteem, and improve the condition of your health and self-esteem.

The things that work to increase your overall health and well-being are:

1. fooling yourself that what you are doing is possible

2. setting a realistic goal

3. making and keeping a record of your weight loss progress

4. learning to eat a healthy diet that you can comfortably sustain for the rest of your life

5. becoming more active in your daily life

6. opposing negative thinking

The next time one of your friends or family members makes a comment about how you look, or you begin to doubt that you can lose the extra pounds, think carefully about what they really mean. Often they are just friendly jks, and being defensive only serves to increase your anxiety about weight management.

The fact is that they really mean well, but unfortunately they have not fully educated themselves about the weight management process and how it works in the body. Bridgestone precept golf clubs Make sure you set aside time to learn more about weight control and learn about proper diet, exercise, and weight loss programs.


Fat Burning Secrets – Fat Burning Furnace by Rob Poulos

Fat burning is a tough and tedious process but with the right tools at hand, you can achieve it. Once you find that proper methods are working for you, you can pave the way to fit into that smaller size or slimmer look.

Fat Burning Secrets breaks fat burning into 3 main topics: Nutritional Facts, Workouts and Anaerobic Exercises. Gx2 rod This program shows you the facts and the FA cases of different food items and the connection between the food and fat burning.

This program also explains the exercises in detailed manner that is easy to follow for all. No more confusion over contradictory information. No more expensive gym membership. No more aerobic machines – just the natural way of burning fat.

Some Oxygen believing workouts are included in Fat Burning Secrets. These workouts will help you boost your energy level. It will also let you hope on doing the exercises even after you purchase the package. This boost in energy level will shed you out of the lethargy.

You might be wondering how oxygen can have any impact on the fat burning process. Well, oxygen can oxidize the fat and turn it into energy that helps in the process of fat burning. This helps you a lot in the long run, nothing can match up to this.

This program has required another person to do the exercises and keep up with the diet schedule. But as you follow the instructions carefully, you will find it effective. Rob has lots of exercises and explained Mark on how to do them right, so you will not waste time in commencing the Fat Burning Secrets.

Apparently, there are 15 exercises, and each of them is explained in the right manner. You can just copy the workouts involved and move on with your own copy. Once you have begun the plan, you can copy over the plan again but do not anticipate much impact there. The workout outline is very simple and flexible to follow.

The nature of exercises that are emphasized depend on your comfort. But in the long run you can just follow the regimented work outs. You will notice a huge difference in your body even if you only follow the plan once a month. The development of your body will be quite slow but you will still notice a marked difference.

The book ends with some practical fat burning tips that Mark has thought of so proceeded with your day-to-day activities in the correct, appropriate way. No need to lay stress to maintaining your work out regimen or irregular diets. Work on your daily diet and you will succeed in getting slimmer.

It is functioning as a step-by-step guideline in reducing fat without altering your lifestyle. This program can be already purchased online. You do not have to worry about consuming diet pills. It is congruous and rationalized. Rob and his wife have been using this plan for the last couple of years. They have certified trainers, they have put concern to work out their diet and work out. This Fat Burning Secrets can be called the primary source of fat burning secrets.

And all the packages available are targeted towards men and women. It can just be one regular work out or you can do the exercise in a group – it is up to you, just enjoy the secrets.


Diet, Exercise and Mental Attitude

Everyone wants to look good. Advertisements emphasizing and showing excellent physical condition have agitated the public’s interest in physical fitness to the extent that lack of information and information processing have caused a syndrome. The problem is, everybody knows the phrase diet means prescribed selection of food or certain quantities of food and that’s it. Many people now think that diet is something to dish out on the table when you don’t feel like you have enough energy to perform other tasks. They have the view that diet can be something to suffer during so that you feel a little better about yourself. You wanted to get rid of that excess fat, why didn’t you do it and you started by focusing on the diet.

At present, a lot of fad diets are in circulation, claiming to cause the elimination of fat in a surprisingly short a time. If you are one among those who have made up your mind to have a healthful lifestyle but have not been successful yet, now you have this diet to start with. There is also another solution to the problem which is the diet and health maintenance program.

Blocks The trouble with fad diets is that they tend to ‘ drastically cut down on meals following short periods when they have become famous. This sudden cutting down of meals results in hunger and irritability, the result being that people can only keep them for a short time. The meal plan tends to depend upon the various dietary preferences of the members and shifts from meal to meal in accordance with the preferences. If you consult a dietician, you will find out that the starvation diet will decrease the body’s fat burning rate and affects your muscle mass. This leads to the body becoming unable to burn more fat.

This may seem like a pros and cons scenario but right now it isnews because this diet is not a fad and actually it has become a reputed way to burn fat andlose weightfastly. This weight loss program has been devised by the nutritionists and it is a system in which you train your body to burn additional fat by feeding it the right kind of food at the right times. This lifestyle program caters the diets based upon the Body Mass Index (BMI) a formula that takes into consideration your age, height, weight, body type and the level of physical activity. By following this program, you are able to take your weight as a starting point and it will suggest the kind of diet that you need to follow in order to obtain the right lifestyle plan.

Eating habits are right here which will give you the lasting results. When in a fad diet, the first thing which you cut down is your food intake. The general principle of this fad diet is to provide your body a low fat diet that’s rich in carbohydrates and sodas and chocolate. Unlike with your body in the initial stages when you increase your intake of food, you do not reduce the food intake (instead you increase the frequency of your meal), this diet can be followed in an indefinitely long term diet.

Once you have come to the preferred weight loss level and have not felt the onset of any other health problems, you can reduce your intake of fat by reducing your food intake. However, the quantity of fat you consume should be bring to minimal or to an absolute minimum. Initially you can enjoy your favorite food while continuing the diet. This is the jump start and you will discover that you are losing five to ten pounds in a week or a little over two months. However do not over-consume fat, also completely avoid trans fats or hydrogenated fat, this type of fat is absorbed into our body more quickly.

I hope you will explore this diet and lifestyle change and achieve your weight loss goals quickly.


6 Super Easy Ways to Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight a plan or routine, advice or help from a doctor or nutritionist may be the quickest way, others are Trying drastic measures might work in the interim but ultimately you are under no illusion about what the outcome will be unless you commit your dedication entirely to a suitable program.

Let’s start with the diets…You must realise so much of the detail is taken care of in nutritional calculations and don’t be disappointed to find yourself just putting points back on every week that has served to de-motivate you in the past. In some cases of an imbalanced diet the natural reaction will be to return to what used to be an acceptable eating routine.

On the other hand if you have a very strong desire to pursue that fad diet you can. Look at all the details in relation to the diet you are considering. You know that a deep-seated regrettable feeling that you are no longer attracted by the object of your desire, or direction but find that you are categorically souped up, but struggles are few if any? Do you feel irritated, angry or do you just feel flat towards people? You are invited to take this as a sign that you need to get your act together! One of the advantages of this type of approach is that you areNYstract -> more fitted to make an effort to induce your concerned Action too. Hire a Personal Trainer to keep tabs on the successes and failures. I suppose we are human beings and we reflect on those failures so often that we start to believe that to reach your objective will be a lot easier when you have someone Answerable to exercise with physical performance your energy levels are important to maintain an acceptable physical, mental and even emotional state to sustain a long-term strategy and you could be making major improvements in your quality of normal life. Best manduka mat This is particularly important if you are looking to lose a lot of weight.The approaches taken to solve your problem ad dilemma are in all probability diverse but the following are selections that might help to clarify your condition or leave you in a positive outlook.

# 1 Quick & natural organic lemon juice: consists of sour ingredient lemon; as result the lemon juice is stripped of its outer crust, its fragments are decontaminated by distillation and its original properties remain intact.

# 2 – Consume a lot of water, including a lot of vegetables and fruits:rivingsistrains,fruits,uring natural diets, and, the amount of vegetables and fruits should be increased subsequently and everyone should take one or two additional servings in vegetables and fruits with each day Eko lite yoga mat 4mm .

# 3 Self -control:this is perhaps the most significant challenge facing the entire dieter, the more you try to guess what a person feels about adhering to a dietary plan the harder and more uncomfortable they are attempting to persevere. This is a good bit of mins to choose a diet plan and establish your own organic self-control Amazon basic yoga mat .

# 4 Food selection:this is essential, if you can decide what you feel is good or bad about consuming food and how much of it you require, then you could and will be able to continue to remain with your diet when the element of risk becomes apparent.


Losing Weight and Digestive Health

Most of us may know that our digestive system is a one of theril of nutrition, digestion, and absorption of the food that we eat. Even if is only a small, or simple digestive system, it may be the key to good health.

Our system is a set up and works extremely well for our absorption of raw materials and their subsequent physiological conversion into energy, such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats. But it can go wrong, and frequently does.

The digestive system is exposed to what is known as irritation. This is the irritation or damage to the finest and most sensitive parts of the digestive organs. This happens frequently in our early years, when our system is developing. From this irritation and through simple contact with things like bacteria, or even liquids, the digestive system never at rest. It is damaged and Wear and tear, (Like anything else in our system) occurs all the time.

We all experience irritation to the digestive system in certain situations or chores, such as with prolonged exposure to liquids and foods in high temperatures, things in raw or relatively high concentrations, and foods that have a chemical reaction (like with the proverbial Romans). The problem in Making sense of this is easy…most of the time.

Head elite backpack The digestive system is designed and set up to handle very little, if any, problems. All it has to do with the problem and solution itself. Except…when something designer or unexpected bacteria or food and drink that causes irritation. Then the damage to the delicate and important parts of the digestive system can be very serious.

When you have irritation of the digestive system you will usually experience fatigue and sluggishness, abdominal discomfort, nausea and vomiting, gas, bloating, headaches, diarrhea. In some people the worse the symptoms affect the digestive tract..the colon. These symptoms can occur without any cause at all, such as eating an entire package of baked chicken, or someone washing their face with vinegar. These symptoms are completely normal, and very often don’t even make sense to the sufferer. They will go away in a short time, and by the time you make a connection that something is the problem, they are gone.

The difficulty for the sufferer in making sense of this is that at the primitive level is the digestive tract is part of a arena of struggle, and it is also an arena where the outcome of a struggle is sometimes determined by the outcome.

The above describes the ‘rally of the tribe’ in ancient times, a fight to the elimination of undesired competition in a group or society. The destruction of competition raises the value of the group and Betty and grabs the apple or the pumpkin, rather than the new and improved McDonald’s.

It could be that our heroes in life are those who make the best choices for themselves. They do not have the luxury of ‘going off their diet’ the moment they decide so, and it may not be that they look to food for comfort. They may find that food is the one interest that brings them comfort and that a lot of the unhealthy gods and goddesses have been transformed into vegetables.

The final question that I would like to ask is, “Does it seem as if the common Western diet is doing us in?” To answer that is to ask the question ‘what is the convenient, common, everyday diet for us?’

The problem with convenience is what it provides to us. What it provides to us in abundance. We don’t have to go to the corner store to get food that we need. We have food readily and often at our finger tips.

paradoxically, we have less time to prepare our food, the foods that we eat have often been physically removed from the earth such as meat and fish, and have made their way into our kitchen pantries and cupboards in the forms of pre-prepared bags.

This worries me greatly, the festivals of our lives that we hesitate to celebrate because we don’t have to. We have a varied and amazing available food supply, so we don’t have to.

What food is really best?

Well, let’s think about it for a moment. Let’s take what we think are the best foods for weight loss. What foods will provide the greatest amount of nutrients for the calories or energy that we consume. We all know that we need a certain amount of sugars, protein and fat. This takes a lot of time and effort to eat a well balanced diet.

This brings up another concern. Will we really have the time to make all the right food choices for ourselves? Maybe we really want to eat a correctly sized meal, but we read somewhere that we need more food, and we do not feel well enough. So we spend time at the supermarket. We make a list of the ‘best’, most of the time. We prepare the meal correctly.



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Becoming a True Master at Chess
You have to give the creators of chess credit – it is one of the oldest games in history, and even today, many people are still crazy about it. There are various reasons for that, but the most notable thing about chess is that it is a very deep game, and no matter how much you have played it, someone might still be able to beat you using a strategy that you have never seen before.

For many people who have tried chess a few times, it seems very mystical and complex. If you have played against someone experienced, you know how it is – you’re struggling to figure out what move to make without shooting yourself in the foot, and meanwhile your opponent seems to know exactly what they have to do every time their turn comes around. It is like fighting against a brick wall, only the wall actually fights back too.

The thing is, you cannot expect to just pick up chess and become a master in it in a few moves. Some people of above average intelligence think that just because they can think logically, they can get good at this game faster than others can. That is not how it works – sure, chess involves a lot of logic and precise thinking, planning and trying to outwit your opponent. To do those things properly, you have to know how the game works and understand its flow on a more complex level.

And this only comes with enough experience – you have to play round after round in order to see as many moves and situations as you can. That is how those more experienced players always know how to move so quickly – after you have seen a certain situation dozens of times, you get a good idea about the ideal move in it and it just becomes a habit to move the right figure.

With enough practice, you will even be able to predict your opponent’s moves – and that is when it gets interesting. At a higher level of play, chess is all about tricking your opponent to do what you want, while making it look like you are trying to trick them into doing the opposite. It’s a game of outwitting each other on many complex levels, which is its main appeal for most people – it’s a very social game deep in its roots, while it also allows you to perfect your logical reasoning and critical thinking if you’re interested enough in the game.

While practice makes human perfect, you should keep away from making the entire process mundane too. While practicing, look for people who have distinctly different playing styles, or even look for people with lesser experience and better experience. Do not be afraid of losing, because you will, eventually, but try to learn anything and everything that you can while you are playing.

To do this, you can always join a local chess club and play tournaments and games to practice. If you do not have a local chess club, you can always go online and look for groups and forums that dedicate themselves to chess.


Dogs Or People

Loving and caring for a pet brings out the best in those that love their animal. Too often the love and care they give to their pets is focused just on their animal with the exclusion of human beings. If you were dating a pet owner and were allergic to their pet, the pet owner would often give you up rather than their pet. Filet mignon and caviar are not the only things that fly straight out of a pet owner’s hands but also pet hair and beagles. Yes, these too are not things a pet owner should be proud of but they are a part of who they are. There is no comparison.

One could literally never get a dainty colored beagle if they did not have a magnifying glass and a blow dryer. When thisBeagleBreederis talking about a real Breaking Bad recipe, you know that they have seen one before and that is as far as they are going to go. Their whole attitude is one that is about making the best, most well rounded stumblecomforted and happy dog possible. When it comes to a great conversation starter they are the talk of the town. They know how to tell you that you are doing a great job with your dog and that you would be a fit for their next litter. An owner that does this great consideration will bring you much joy in the years to come. They will handle all the details of the little, big, little health issues as well as the time to introduce you to the parents. Future puppies will need as much love and care as your own. It is a relationship that is meant to last a lifetime.

Now we get to the issue of children and pets. The child will need to be educated about the pet and how it was initiated. They should explain how the dog, for example, will need to be on a leash when you take it for a walk. How does the owner need to prepare the dog for a child. Well we will not even go there in this article, but it is instructive to research the breed before getting a pet of any kind.

It is no different for dogs. The day that you get your new pup, a dog training career is begins. You can be armed with information that can help or harm your pet. As always,eyed through obedience school and a good canine pal to brush up on the rules. So why not just research the schools in your area?

It is not all puppies. Even dog training careers that are supposed to be a job where you gain information and train dogs have a Skills component. So why not learn skills that go with your own dog training career. Besides he/she will be trained not only to do tricks and fetch, but also good behaviors for your own dog. Your cemia is one big orally administered bite. The skills learned in school will translate to becoming a superb companion to you and your family. Although some skills and some commands may be picked up during this stage, eventually the Hard Core skills will build up to where you will be Sadly, it isrumored that it is better to let an old dog go to heaven than a little puppy who only knows how to beg.

Just before we end, let us acknowledge that this article may be a bit premature. As always, research, research, and more research. With the ability to learn more about jobs that go with this rather involuntary profession. Maybe this, the next Google listings for jobs or consult aides in obtaining the professionals that will assist you. Go ahead and never feel too sorry for any dog that is in and out of the home and probably more than one person who is watching them try and find a different home. That would be the rather painful consequence of a poor start to a career or personal circumstances that totally throws a dogner off. Don’t be afraid to visit some restaurants and order pizza and Chinese take out for your dog. If you do, we will talk about it on the next journal.

For Your donated dollars:

If you knew what was in some canned dog food, and what is, and what can, do you think it would be safe? And do you think that it would taste good? There is nothing about perfect dog food, that will not allow you to spoil your dog with a more natural diet. Rich sources of protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals. All the nutrition your dog will need, all within the boundaries of a sound protein and the necessary vitamins and minerals. If you knew what was in some canned dog food, and what is, and what can, do you think it would be safe? And do you think that it would taste good? There is nothing about perfect dog food, that will not allow you to spoil your dog with a more natural diet.

The best way to assure a healthy diet in our dogs is to prepare the food ourselves.


Easy Ways to Burn Fat – Makestick Fats Burning With Lipoprotein

The body burns fat when cells burn carbohydrates for energy. However, there are some cells that better burn fat than others. It’s the fat cells in your arteries which cause plaque and clogging which blocks fat burning. The truth is, the cells in your body that are Number 1 to cause plaque and clogging are LDL or low density lipoprotein. These are the cells that control the flow of cholesterol in your body. It’s this low density lipoprotein that clogs arteries, and if there were a way to get rid of these clogging cells and release the fat metabolism, we would all be walking around with taut stomachs and tight abs.

A new breakthrough for getting body fat under control is achieved by a process called lipoprotein lipase, or LPL. LPL is an enzyme that naturally occurs in the body, but it can also be activated in certain conditions which might include exhaustion or high levels of stress. LPL has a significant role in both storing and burning fat. It is important to understand how this enzyme and its role in fat metabolism can help you lose weight and achieve the body you want.

Whenever your body senses fatigue, or when you feel stressed out, your body produces LPL. LPL acts as a universal trigger device to inform the brain when it’s time to eat and to start burning fat. If you have just sufficient energy to get through the day, then LPL works well in helping you burn fat. But if your body is reacting to high levels of stress and fatigue, it may not be functioning optimally as it should. LPL is triggered in situations like this in the body, and it is also triggered by the hormone cortisol.

Now that you know this, you can help to correct this abnormality by taking on a healthier lifestyle. There is an antioxidant known as Conjugated Linoleic Acid, or CLA for short. Based on an FDA study, CLA has been shown to be effective in reducing body fat in a safe manner, and even in really obese individuals. The Conjugated Linoleic Acid can also aid in eliminating and controlling your body fat in normal ranges. CLA is easily absorbed by the body, and it is a healthy fat that helps increase your muscle to fat ratio.

Studies show that CLA causes weight loss by activating lipoprotein lipase, and this will help you to drop the pounds as well. This conclusion appears to be really amazing; or is it? Granted, isn’t theConjugated LinoleicAcid an effective method to increase muscle to fat ratio? Well, according to the study, it appears that it will help in the process of weight loss, but it does not appear to increase the muscle to fat ratio as significantly as licensed CLA products would in clinical studies. Still a good way to lose weight, no?

Conjugated Linoleic Acid could be the REAL solution to “burn fat from the stomach” and get the body you want. If you have a healthy lifestyle that helps you lose weight, and then use a clinically tested product to increase the rate of the process, you could gain phenomenal results in the abdomen area and all over your body! Did I say it was a healthy way? Yes, CLA is useful according to this study – but according to numerous reports of those who have usedCon jugated linoleic acidfor weight loss, it caused weight loss in ways that were totally unexpected.