Lose Weight After Pregnancy – Easy Methods You Should Follow

During pregnancy your body tends to gain weight as it grows and develops. This happens because the normal growing and development of a woman’s body cannot be done at a specific time but, it is regular for all women to gain to almost 20 pounds during pregnancy. Post delivery, if you want your body to revert back to its original shape and lose weight after pregnancy, you should follow a common and easy method that many women have been using.

Food Intake

Getting a small portion of food in your mouth instead of filling your stomach directly of making it expand is very effective in aiding your body to lose weight after pregnancy. If you eat too fast your eating activities would be very slow and substantial amount of calories are never burnt by your body, and then it is converted into fat and you start gaining weight. Eating tiny portions of food several times in frequent intervals would help you lose weight fast and easy. If you eat small portions frequently and do not have more than three or four chunks of food in your belly in a day, your metabolism improves and calories are burnt easily. If you eat more frequently, the rate at which food is burnt in the body is much faster and there is no fear that it would get stored as fat. When you eat small portions more frequently during the day, the small portions do not make you feel very full and hunger is alsohtmated. Thus, this method is an easy and effective way to lose weight after pregnancy.

Fat Burners

If you are considering losing weight, you should stop fat and carbohydrate from entering your body. In fact by following the diet chart given below, you could lose a pound within 15 days. This is not a difficult method at all and is a safe way to lose weight.

Spinach: this is one of the best fat burning foods as it contains the required nutrients like the cheap source of calcium, folic acid, beta-carotene and vitamins A, C and E. Eating spinach increases the metabolism and thus, this food can help burn fat easily.

Apples: Apples are full of pectin and antioxidants. The best way to eat an apple is to eat it before your meal because you will feel full faster and will not eat as much.

Tomatoes: in contrast to the vegetables, fruits also have fibers which help in filling up the stomach. By taking a glass of juice, if you take in about six to eight of them, you could lose 5 calories of fat for each apple you eat. Tomatoes and spinach also have fewer calories than other vegetables but do not give up any nutrition.

So instead of being numerous calories, you gain few or zero. Losing weight should not mean that you have to stop eating these delicious foods. Cap barbell flat bench You could cook or gobble these foods together and eat them together in the future.


Drinking plenty of water is the easiest of all the easy ways to lose weight. Drinking water many times a day is the easiest way to go about quashing the excess fat of the body. Water does not supply calories to your body and helps your body burn calories. If you eat very little and drink plenty of water, your body will be forced to maintain the required energy amount and there will be no extra fat deposition. Water also helps the body to flush out the unwanted toxins and thereby, improve your health.


Walking is a very simple yet highly effective aerobic exercise. For promoting weight loss in the stomach area only, the frequency and time should be increased. If you walk for about 30 minutes, you could easily burn about 150 calories. Just 10 minutes of walking will be enough to help you lose the weight. Brisk walking may even burn calories at a faster rate than jogging or pasting.


Swimming is a full body workout and is also considered to be an easy exercise method to lose weight. Cap barbell medicine ball Swimming burns about 300 calories in about 30 minutes. Like walking, it should also be done at a regular and consistent manner.


While jogging or walking, your body tend to get tired. As a result, metabolism of your body is drastically decreased. It is the reason aerobics exercises are far better in burning fat than other exercises. Aerobics exercises stimulate the central nervous system and burn fats at a faster rate compared with other exercises. Cap barbell high density puzzle mats

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