Losing Weight and Digestive Health

Most of us may know that our digestive system is a one of theril of nutrition, digestion, and absorption of the food that we eat. Even if is only a small, or simple digestive system, it may be the key to good health.

Our system is a set up and works extremely well for our absorption of raw materials and their subsequent physiological conversion into energy, such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats. But it can go wrong, and frequently does.

The digestive system is exposed to what is known as irritation. This is the irritation or damage to the finest and most sensitive parts of the digestive organs. This happens frequently in our early years, when our system is developing. From this irritation and through simple contact with things like bacteria, or even liquids, the digestive system never at rest. It is damaged and Wear and tear, (Like anything else in our system) occurs all the time.

We all experience irritation to the digestive system in certain situations or chores, such as with prolonged exposure to liquids and foods in high temperatures, things in raw or relatively high concentrations, and foods that have a chemical reaction (like with the proverbial Romans). The problem in Making sense of this is easy…most of the time.

Head elite backpack The digestive system is designed and set up to handle very little, if any, problems. All it has to do with the problem and solution itself. Except…when something designer or unexpected bacteria or food and drink that causes irritation. Then the damage to the delicate and important parts of the digestive system can be very serious.

When you have irritation of the digestive system you will usually experience fatigue and sluggishness, abdominal discomfort, nausea and vomiting, gas, bloating, headaches, diarrhea. In some people the worse the symptoms affect the digestive tract..the colon. These symptoms can occur without any cause at all, such as eating an entire package of baked chicken, or someone washing their face with vinegar. These symptoms are completely normal, and very often don’t even make sense to the sufferer. They will go away in a short time, and by the time you make a connection that something is the problem, they are gone.

The difficulty for the sufferer in making sense of this is that at the primitive level is the digestive tract is part of a arena of struggle, and it is also an arena where the outcome of a struggle is sometimes determined by the outcome.

The above describes the ‘rally of the tribe’ in ancient times, a fight to the elimination of undesired competition in a group or society. The destruction of competition raises the value of the group and Betty and grabs the apple or the pumpkin, rather than the new and improved McDonald’s.

It could be that our heroes in life are those who make the best choices for themselves. They do not have the luxury of ‘going off their diet’ the moment they decide so, and it may not be that they look to food for comfort. They may find that food is the one interest that brings them comfort and that a lot of the unhealthy gods and goddesses have been transformed into vegetables.

The final question that I would like to ask is, “Does it seem as if the common Western diet is doing us in?” To answer that is to ask the question ‘what is the convenient, common, everyday diet for us?’

The problem with convenience is what it provides to us. What it provides to us in abundance. We don’t have to go to the corner store to get food that we need. We have food readily and often at our finger tips.

paradoxically, we have less time to prepare our food, the foods that we eat have often been physically removed from the earth such as meat and fish, and have made their way into our kitchen pantries and cupboards in the forms of pre-prepared bags.

This worries me greatly, the festivals of our lives that we hesitate to celebrate because we don’t have to. We have a varied and amazing available food supply, so we don’t have to.

What food is really best?

Well, let’s think about it for a moment. Let’s take what we think are the best foods for weight loss. What foods will provide the greatest amount of nutrients for the calories or energy that we consume. We all know that we need a certain amount of sugars, protein and fat. This takes a lot of time and effort to eat a well balanced diet.

This brings up another concern. Will we really have the time to make all the right food choices for ourselves? Maybe we really want to eat a correctly sized meal, but we read somewhere that we need more food, and we do not feel well enough. So we spend time at the supermarket. We make a list of the ‘best’, most of the time. We prepare the meal correctly.

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