Popular Dog Breeds – The Top Five

With inspections, reports and other credible sources, the worldwide pet population has been increasing at a healthy pace. As the human population ages, so do pets as well. However, despite the increase in the population of both pets and humans, the leader in the category of popular dog breeds has remained the same. The list continues to be led by the Labrador.

The Labrador remains the top dog breed as ‘Popular’ in the sense that the Labrador has been the most popular breed of dog continuously in the United Kingdom and America since the year ending 31 January 2012. What’s more, the position of the Labrador is likely to continue for decades to come.

A combination of factors contribute to the enduring popularity of the Labrador dog. Its friendly demeanor and the fact that it is thought to have a great ability to help humans, particularly the elderly, live a healthy life. Its relationship to children and other animals is a point that is still being debated. However, whatever the attributes of the Labrador dog, buying a Labrador puppy is not as simple as it is with a flat, adult-type Labrador.

A Labrador puppy is a handful to carry but a wonderful companion. Being the most popular of all dog breeds, a Labrador puppy is easy to find and it is relatively easy to find a good one. However, the breed has specific needs that must be considered when one is thinking of buying a Labrador puppy.

For instance, the proper diet for a Labrador puppy is absolutely essential. Lab pups should not be fed the same food that a puppy dog would eat. If this is not done, problems can arise such as a weak immune system, skin problems, and the tendency to overeat. As the part of the American Kennel Club test, the Labrador puppy should meet the standards set by this organization.

Then there is the question of whether adoring your puppy is compatible to having a Labrador puppy as one’s pet. If the idea of having a big dog does not inspire you, then this is a positive indication that the puppy is not a right fit for you. Lab pups have a lot of energy, which can lead to overfeeding if no moderation is applied. They also thrive on interaction with you. A Labrador puppy can easily get bored and simple activities such as watching television can become repetitions often to be avoided. In so many ways, the Labrador puppy is unlike the ferocious guard dogs it is sometimes made out to be.

The American Kennel Club has provided useful information on caring for puppies and more specifically, the health and welfare of puppies. The AKC website is a source of information on how to take care of your puppy. Be sure to check with your local AKC chapter to see if the AKC has provided any training,iquette, or health tips that pertain to the behavior of Labradors while they are actually in their home environment.

It is also important for potential Labrador puppy owners to know about the expense of owning a Labrador puppy. Right now, the highest price paid to breed a female Labrador puppy would be about £800. If that pedigree dog were to be a male, the price would be nearer to £4,000. It is expected that the market price of a Labrador puppy would be in excess of £10,000.

Now that you might be asking yourself whether you are prepared for such a borne expense, bear in mind that there is also the option of getting a puppy from a rescue group or other source where you can get a good deal. In the meantime, if you want to breed your Labrador, you will have to spend almost half of your budget on Labrador puppy training.

For those who have money to spare and an extra little time to spare, it might be beneficial to invest in training classes. This is a good way of getting the pup into a social setting where it can be handled properly.

Puppies have to be trained not only toostate but also to play, and the two aspects can be brought together. During Labrador puppy training, it is important for you to also become involved in trying to establish yourself as the leader.

Such a move will help your puppy to see you as someone reliable, and with the right guidance, he will learn that you are the dominant one in his pack. Without strong guidance from you, your puppy may become uncontrollable and he may actually try to take on the alpha role over you.

So, remember to make sure that Labrador puppy training is started at an early age. Also, take into account that rewarding a puppy when he exhibits good behavior is a must. This is training that must be ongoing, and so both rewards and corrections should be applied. Remember that praise and appreciation for a job well done are both appropriate and crucial.

Proper Labrador puppy training requires you to be very patient.

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