Why Are There So Many Fat Burning Diets Out There?

Many people want a fat burning diet that will help to reduce your weight and keep it low. However many times they are Neither able nor really want to look for a diet like that. The result of this usually is going to be that they end up simply giving up thinking that there is no solution to their weight problem.

In this article we are going to try and clear things up for those that are at a loss where to find the ideal fat burning diet. We are going to look at why you would want to consider a low carbohydrate diet and at the same time we are also going to explain why a No Carbohydrate diet is no good. After going through this, We will give you some advice on foods and fables that helps with losing weight.

The reason why many people are not very keen on a low carbohydrate diet is that they presume that it is not healthy to be on one for a long time. So they think why bother with it. After all you take in fewer calories than before and many people believe that the calorie shortage is actually created because of the low-carb diets.

It is everyone’s aim to lose weight. We all want to lose weight and in reality we cannot claim to be successful on a low carb diet plan in the long term. I am sure you have started to eat Carbs only after trying weight loss pills and capsules and after all the low carb diets and the liquid diet plans. So what happens next?

This is what happens to your body. When you begin your low carbohydrate diet, you will first see some weight loss. As the starches are taken out of your diet, your body has the option to use other energy sources such as fats. But when the body is burning fats, their is sure to be a shortage of energy which could be used very quickly resulting in the body using proteins. The result is muscle tissue being burnt to use as an energy source rather than fats. If this continues, there could be damage to the muscle tissues.

When these conditions persist for several weeks, the weight once again starts to be crucial. This is when many people are getting worried and feel there no way back to this. This is the time when people start to wonder if this diet is bound to be healthy and will not bring back the pounds right back on. Things turn out even worse when you get to a point where you have gone ‘ishing stable’ or worse yet ‘binge eating on carbs’ consuming mass quantities of foods that are both unhealthy and fattening.

This is the reason why many people will tell you that you would be sane to do so. If you have been depriving your body of a necessary building block like carbohydrates, it does not matter at what stage you are at, this diet is a sure way to get you back in line. But when this is done, you will experience unnecessary depression and right when you are about to realize the shocking truth – you get excited and feel like you have found the answer. Your mind is overloaded with the belief that the diet has worked.

This is the reason why a majority of people who sign up for these diets wind up remainingERCASTICbetween their diet regime and hopefully the maintenance stage. They are so bummed out that their weight has crept back up even more. I know of course when someone is now in maintenance, they still binge on carbs. However now that you know what to expect, it is not that much of a surprise.

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